Grub's Up!

In order to ensure your child has the energy to play all day at his/her Sports Direct FAI Summer Soccer Schools, we have some handy tips for breakfast and lunch!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreakfast time!
A good breakfast is essential for any footballer – it’s what will keep you going throughout your morning games and skill sessions! Here are some ideas of what to have the morning of your camp:

  • Toast & jam
  • Cereal & milk
  • Porridge (add a little maple syrup!)
  • Fruit & yoghurt
  • Banana & wholemeal bread
  • Boiled egg and wholemeal toast

Top tips for a healthy and tasty lunch box!
Don’t forget to bring your lunch with you to your Sports Direct FAI Summer Soccer School! You need to keep up your energy in the afternoon! Here are some ideas of what to bring each day:






Orange juice Apple Tuna & sweetcorn


Squash (no sugar) Orange Lean ham & cheese


Apple juice Banana Cheese & salad


Squash (no sugar) Kiwi Lean ham & salad


Orange juice Pear Cheese & salad

Top tips:

  • Try using different breads each day, such as pitta, bagels and wholemeal.
  • Milk is very important for your bones and is the best recovery drink, so have a glass when you go home!
  • Yoghurt is full of calcium too, so have a pot as a snack.
  • You’ll need water throughout the day so make sure you have lots with you! Don’t bring sugary or fizzy drinks, they are not good for you!

Remember, your food is your fuel – if you’re not eating the right stuff, your body won’t run properly!

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